Principal's Corner

Principal Kimothy Hadley
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Principal Marnie Dutcher

Principal Message 2024-2025


Greetings Students and Parents:

Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year at “The Innovative Sumter County High School''! As the school
doors open in August, we will begin another amazing school year. I am grateful and honored to be leading
as your principal as we continue to inspire, lead, and achieve! Students, as you stand on the cusp of
stepping into the wider world, our faculty and staff unite with a singular mission: to equip each of you
with the knowledge and skills essential for success in both college and career paths of the 21st century.
Through high expectations, diligent goal-setting, a dynamic learning environment, and fostering
community engagement, we are committed to ensuring that every student at our school is well-prepared
for the road ahead.

Here at SCHS, there are many opportunities for students to plan for the future and gain the skills needed
in the 21st century. Through The Ignite College and Career Academy, students have the opportunity
to complete dual enrollment and career pathway courses on campus. SCHS offers advanced placement,
dual enrollment, and state of the art vocational classes in culinary arts, auto repair, health occupations,
agriculture, audio visual technology, teaching as a profession, and business education. In addition, the fine
arts program is one of the premier programs in this part of the state.

From the first day of this academic journey, let us envision this year as the pivotal Game 7 in a series,
comparable to the final match in a single-elimination playoff. This signifies that it's time for each of you
to showcase your knowledge, to exert your utmost effort, and to finish strong.

As principal, my commitment lies in finding the champion in every student at Sumter County High
School, fostering an environment where they can learn today and lead tomorrow. It is my privilege to
inspire each student to reach their potential and pursue greatness, one step at a time.
Now together, let’s create GREATNESS! We are SCHS...It’s Game Time!

Go Panthers!

Marnie Dutcher